Meet Kimberly Erin.
Leap on top of tikal
I have always been a free spirit; I walk my own way. I have never been partial to my hair brush or shoes for that matter. I think it is genetic. I chose my university based on the fact that it had a sister campus in the U.K. which would allow me to travel Europe extensively. This was my first taste of the travellers life, and it was so good. I graduated University in 2012 with a degree in Medieval Languages and a second in International Studies…one could say that I have always had an interest in history and the world around me. After working at home in Canada for a year I realized I was far too much of a free thinker to sustain a happy life following previously laid footprints in one spot, so I packed my bags and headed south. The minute I stepped out of the plane in La Paz, Bolivia it felt like I could breath again, like I could relax. 

Since then I have been hanging out in South, Central and North America slowly wandering from point to point, mountain to mountain and ocean to ocean. I travel slowly. I like to spend months in some locations enabling me to create relationships, feel, learn and become one with the culture. I try to do what the locals do, I want to see their country the way they see it.

I am a creature of the outdoors and nothing feels better than experiencing all that nature offers. I find the best way to see a country is from the top of its highest mountains, paragliding over its cities, and trekking through its landscape; so this is what I do. I push the limits, move outside my comfort zone and take pride in my success. I approach every adventure presented to me with an open heart, and embrace every culture with an open mind.
Meet Kimberly Erin Davies
My name is Kimberly Erin Davies and I like to climb mountains, trek, eat the weirdest foods possible, learn languages, scuba dive, paraglide, do yoga, gymnastics, run and live life in luxury. I love Disney World and I hate spiders. Coffee is my favourite drink and I hate wearing shoes.

I write for the adventurers, for the people who never felt comfortable being static. For those whose tranquility comes from movement. I want to detail the expanse of the world, and the beautiful people within it. Mostly, I want to present the idea that we all function differently and that there is nothing wrong with doing things your way. Everyone has their own version of freedom. Wanderlust sums up mine.This is for all the human sharks out there. You know, the ones who do not feel like they are alive unless they are traveling

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