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With chronic illnesses such as autoimmune disorders around, I am a strong believer that a medical condition shouldn’t have to stop you travelling, one just needs to find what works for them. Travel is such a huge part of life and not traveling and just staying in one place isn’t really an option. If you have a medical condition and need some convincing, here are five reasons a medical condition shouldn’t stop you travelling.

There’s help available 

Everyone’s needs are different and so it’s hard to talk about this collectively. However, if you’re someone with reduced mobility, or who needs a little extra help at the airport, there’s plenty available. As long as you let them know in advance, the majority of airlines will help you get to your terminal and onto the plane, as well as offering hearing loops, ramps, and lifts. They want you to have a good time and the less stress you encounter before you take off, the better! 

Accessible accommodation and activities

Whether you use a wheelchair, have an autoimmune disease or a long-term chronic illness, there will be somewhere perfect for you to visit. Research how accessible a destination is; you might be pleasantly surprised, since a lot of cities are investing more money into upping their accessibility games!

Make sure you tell your hotel if there’s something specific you need to make your trip easier, such as a room on the ground floor, or to check for a particular dietary requirement. There are places that will offer things such as accessible skiing and most tourist attractions should have an accessible entrance. It can be difficult to ask for what you need, but it’s important that you enjoy your trip, and your medical condition should not stop that. 


Planning ahead 

As well as all the usual travel things you’ll need, from bikinis to books, you’ll also need to ensure you have everything you require to manage your condition. This can be a little complicated as different countries have different laws on what you can and can’t take. You need to do your research beforehand so you know how to manage this.

Be sure to take any medication with you, even if it’s not something you need to take often, as this will be easier than trying to communicate with a pharmacist who does not speak the same language as you. Keep a copy of your prescription and a letter from your doctor with you to help with any issues you may have with getting your medication and/or equipment to travel with you. 

Travel is good for the soul

One reason you can’t let a medical condition stop you travelling is that it’s good for the soul, and therefore good for your body. It might be a little more challenging to plan, and you may have to consider things that don’t ever even cross the minds of other people, but the rewards are incredible. Sometimes, just getting away from the stress of your daily life can do wonders for your health, as long as you make an effort not to do too much. 


You deserve it! 

The number one reason that a medical condition shouldn’t stop you traveling is that you deserve it! It’s not easy living with any medical condition and it can get a little disheartening at times, but you deserve to have adventures and make amazing memories and show yourself, and others, how strong you are. It’s certainly not easy to travel when you have a medical condition to consider, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it, if it’s something that you really want to do. 

I hope this has made you feel inspired and empowered to take a trip! You don’t have to go backpacking for a year, every trip is worth it; whether you want to do a series of short city breaks, or just hop on a cruise. Don’t let your condition stop you from living the life you want! 

Do you have any tip tips for traveling with a medical condition? Leave them in the comments. 

Pauline Davis: After years of traveling the world, Pauline has had to succumb to a 9-5 life due to a long list of responsibilities – although, that certainly doesn’t stop her dreaming of her next travel destination. Also a keen home cook, Pauline expresses her love for both pursuits by contributing to a slew of online publications in her spare time. She also has six dogs, all of which are Labradors.