Looking for that European Christmas vibe but not in Europe? Don’t worry, Toronto has one of the best Christmas markets Ontario has to offer. The mulled wine, the lights, the cozy homes and shops, the hot cocoa, the Christmas gifts, the short bread cookies…I could go on. The Toronto Christmas Market is one of my favourite events of the year.

There is something about Christmas in Europe and enjoying their famous and fabulous Christmas Markets! What I would give to spend a day in a German Christmas Market. Well lucky for me, Toronto is nearby and they have been rockin’ their own European style Christmas market right in the heart of the Toronto distillery district for a few years now. When given the opportunity to go to the Toronto Christmas Market, there was no question, the answer was obvious.

About the Toronto Christmas Market; one of the best Christmas Markets Ontario has to offer!

Boots, coats, sweaters, hats, mittens, scarves, socks on socks on socks, this is a Canadian Christmas Market, and being a block or two away from Lake Ontario, this market was going to be SLIGHTLY colder than its European counterpart. Dealing with the cold like a true Canadian, we made our way to explore one of the best things to do in Toronto at Christmas.

Countdown at the Toronto Christmas Market

We parked in public parking 1 block away ($12.50),  purchased our tickets into the market ($6.00) and were immediately greeted with free Alexander Keiths beers! It was going well so far, it was a Toronto Christmas miracle.

Entering the market into the historic distillery district of Toronto did in fact feel very European. Complete with its old brick walled buildings, little architectural details, cobble stone streets, and tiny Christmas stalls scattered through out, it was love at first site. These Toronto market stalls must include some of the best Christmas stores in Ontario.

Lights at the Toronto Christmas Market one of the best places to spend Christmas in Ontario

We shivered our way through the streets and alleys of the Toronto Christmas Market. Taking our time, looking at a variety of Christmas stalls which sold things like ornaments, short bread cookies, toys, and even beard wax. If you were searching for that special Christmas present, you could certainly find it here as it is one of the best places to find Christmas stores in Ontario! If you can’t you might want to check out my guide to buying Christmas Gifts for the traveler here.

Shopping at the Toronto Christmas Market the best christmas stores in Ontario

The decorations at the Toronto Christmas Market are to die for…well that might be a bit dramatic but none the less they were pretty fantastic. This is another reason this market is one of the best Christmas events Ontario has to offer. Beautiful lights were strung from building to building creating the effect of twinkling stars in the sky.  Then there was a giant Christmas Tree in the centre for all to enjoy, and the best part….there were a few super instagrammable photo spots available for the public. I’m talking cute signs reading ‘Love’ for couples, ‘Noel’ for Christmas and ‘Family’ for well…families. A giant heart sticking out of the ground was next to a row of pink Christmas trees…I mean…could my instagram be happier!

Toronto Christmas Market Joy Sign one of the best christmas events in ontario

We popped into a Mexican restaurant for a bit of a break from the cold, and to get some tacos, guac, and margaritas.  There are quite a few little restaurants to choose from in the area just in case you need a bit of a break from all of the shivering, a winter market Toronto reality. After a delicious snack it was back into the market to fill up on sweet treats and mulled wine.

Hot Chocolate at the Toronto Christmas Market

Along with the outdoor shopping stalls, Toronto’s distillery district and Christmas Market are also home to a few indoor stores where one can find some unique clothes and decorative items. We stumbled in and out of a few stores grabbing drinks along the way as we passed stalls selling spiked and non-spiked hot chocolate. Well actually you can find almost every alcoholic beverage you could want here, it is the distillery district after all. For those who are non-drinkers, the Distillery District is home to one of my favourite coffee shops in the city. We were also able to enjoy some of the local art galleries in the area, one of the perks of Toronto Christmas events. We even grabbed a shot of aquavit to warm our souls, Cheers Norway.

Stalls at the Toronto Christmas Market one of the places to spend christmas in ontario

Visiting the Toronto Christmas Market was a genuinely great way to get into the spirit of the holidays, as are these Canadian Christmas Getaways. It is truly one of the best Christmas markets Ontario has to offer. Truth be told I had a great time taking photos, looking at crafts, drinking and eating holiday splendors. I loved having access to some of the best Christmas stores in Ontario. Dancing to Christmas music in the beautifully decorated distillery district was a highlight. I would recommend a day at the Toronto Christmas Market to anyone looking to enjoy some holiday spirit, and to feel as if they were transported to Europe for just an afternoon.

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