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This one is for the ladies, and the gentlemen who wish to educate themselves on modern femcare! If you have been following my blog then you know that I am a very active traveler… well, I am an active person in general. You will find me hiking, scuba diving, surfing, running marathons, doing yoga, lifting weights and just genuinely supporting an active lifestyle which is why I am hoping to teach you a little bit about the DivaCup and how it can keep you feeling cute and confident while being active on your period.

No one really likes getting their period, it can be painful, expensive, and a little bit messy. It will make you want to pass on that yoga session, hiking trip, or morning run for fear of being uncomfortable. It can also be considered one of the bigger concerns to traveling woman. However ladies, you can thank me later after learning about the DivaCup. I mean, 91 percent of women who try the DivaCup say they will not go back to traditional options.

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So what is it?

The DivaCup is a reusable menstrual cup made from healthcare grade silicone (meaning it does not have the additives and adhesives of traditional tampons) to assure comfort and durability while on your period. It collects (not absorbs) menstrual fluid in a bell shaped cup which sits sealed inside your vaginal cavity.  The DivaCup can be worn for up to 12 hours without being changed, and when its time, you simply wash it out with warm water, put it back in and you’re good to go for another 12 hours! Can you already imagine this while camping. When positioned correctly, it is leak free, has no waste, and can save an average of $150.00 a year that would normally be spent on traditional femcare products. Does this not sound better than past options? I mean it is reusable, eco-friendly, and saves money… this the ultimate traveling sidekick. Now you can dress cute and feel comfortable while being active, I mean we can’t take a week off of instagram every month because of our periods.

There are two sizes of the DivaCup, the first for women under 30 who have never given birth, and the second for women who have given birth, there is a DivaCup for everyone. 

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How does the DivaCup make your menstrual experience better?

As an active, traveling woman, I can promise you that the last thing I want to stuff into my bag are femcare products for the day. The DivaCup changes all this because it is all you will need lasting up to 12 hours at a time. So long quick bathroom breaks all day long!

When considering the active lifestyle of a girl on the move such as myself, I find comfort in the fact that I know I can keep my mess to a minimum, not have to worry about needing to find product, carry product, or dispose of product. Take hiking for example! If I am out on hike somewhere in the world, and public bathrooms are not available, the DivaCup will not only last 12 whole hours, but if it needs to be emptied, there is no need to have a place to dispose of it. Imagine carrying used tampons on a pack-in and pack-out trail…ya…no thanks.

When I am running marathons, I definitely do not have room on me to carry or change a tampon mid race, and I do not want to worry about leaking onto my cute running clothes…I mean they take pictures at these events. The DivaCup leaves me feeling confident while I race, so I can focus on my time and not my feminine hygiene. 

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What about yoga. No longer will you be worried about leaking all over your cute yoga clothes while bending in odd positions! I can think of so many scenarios where looking cute and being comfortable are heightened by the DivaCup. When I am swimming, or surfing in the water, there are no strings to be worried about while in your bikini nor a mess to be made. Looking cute in a bikini while on your period…feels unheard of…its not.

Finally, traveling…The DivaCup is the perfect traveling companion. To not have to worry about how to dispose of waste and to not have to search for options in an other country, partnered with the luxury of 12 hours of leak free period vibes, the DivaCup is a traveling life changer. I can experience the world in much calmer moments, take pictures, feel cute, comfortable and confident with the DivaCup on my side. 

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So go ahead and #TryTheDivaCup

That is right! Go ahead and give it a try, I picked mine up at the local Shoppers Drugmart. So continue feeling cute and looking cute while having limited worries with the DivaCup. Keep up that active lifestyle, go dancing, running, hiking or swimming…and think of how AMAZING it is to save all that money…money you can now save for the trip you have been wanting to take.  There is a user guide available for those of you who are interested in trying the DivaCup and if you have any questions please feel free to ask your healthcare provider! If you are loving the DivaCup already, or are looking to try out the #DivaDifference, you can enter this sweepstakes to win some Diva Treats! 

#divadifference #trythedivacup

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