Keep your home safe while traveling 

Vacations, holidays, and traveling…these are all terms for relaxing with minimal responsibilities; for taking a moment to enjoy planet earth, friends, family and those around you. Traveling should be a no worries situation. Unfortunately, there is always one thing to keep in mind while on the road and that is, your home. When you come home from a trip away, the last thing you want to deal with is a potential catastrophe. It is important that every traveler take steps to keep their home safe while they are out exploring the world. Here are 6 easy preventative methods to help keep your home safe while traveling.

Keep your mind at ease while on beaches like this by establishing security at home.

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1.  Make it appear as if you are home with light timers

The age old question of should you keep your lights on while you are away or should you go dark? Well both of these options look like no one’s home to me! If your house is dark for a week, then it looks like you are away. If you leave your lights on for the week and your house shines like a beaming disco ball 24 hours a day…then it looks like no one’s home. Lucky for us, timers to control your light have been invented. Put your lights, even if just a few well located lamps on light timers. These timers are designed to turn your lights on and off at normal, regular hours. Using light timers makes it looks as if someone is home; turning on the lights when it gets dark, and off when it is bedtime.

2. Install a home security alarm

home alarm system protection

Installing a home security alarm is one of the easiest ways to garner peace of mind about your home while you are away. Put your mind at ease. Contract a team of professionals to help. Adding a home security system to monitor your residence while you are absent can be an additional safety blanket. It is as if someone is watching over your home; who in the case that something goes awry, can contact the correct authority. There are many options to choose from as home security systems are personalized to your needs.  This investment doubles your returns by providing security for your home and for your mental well being.

3. Have your lawn mowed or driveway shoveled while you are away

If you plan to be away for longer than a week, or live in a snow covered area as I do (Canada); one of the best security ideas for your home is to keep your house looking occupied.  Have someone come in to either cut the grass or shovel snow from  the driveway. This can be a friend or family member, a neighbourhood compadre looking to snag a few extra bucks, or even a maintenance company. There are a lot of different options available for the concerned homeowner. A shovelled driveway in the winter or maintained lawn in the other seasons definitely says someone is home. What thief wants to rob an occupied house…seems like a lot of extra risk. 

4. Double check that you locked up before you head out

keep your home safe while traveling

On your way out the door, double check that you have in fact, locked everything up. I have fallen victim this myself, forgetting to lock a car door or two, so double checking is worthwhile. Make a list of all of the things you need to do just before you are off and go through them right before you leave. Backdoor, front door, windows, garage, shed, cars…do a last minute walk through and make sure that you have, in fact, locked everything up. While this might seem obvious, and it is. It is also a simple solution to one of the most common causes of break-ins. 

Just like your home, make sure you keep yourself safe while traveling. 

5. Have a friend or family member stop by for routine checks

If you are going to be away for a week or more, one of the best things to do before traveling is to organize a trusted friend or family member to stop by your house routinely and make sure everything is status quo. Having a friend stop by means that they can do things like take in your mail or the occasional unexpected amazon delivery box left on your porch implying someone is still home. They can water your plants, feed your cat if you have one, and even bring your garbage to the curb if you have bribed them well enough. Make sure your friend has a key, your home alarm security code, and all of your contact information in the off chance that something goes wrong. This simple solution can be compensated as easily as a dinner out when you get back, a batch of fresh baked cookies, or a friendly IOU.

6. Unplug your electronics and make sure everything is turned off before you go

unplug electronics before traveling

One of the best ways to ensure you can avoid home disasters while absent from your beloved abode is by going around and unplugging electronics, including chargers. Make sure you check things like hair straighteners, curling irons and stoves before you leave. As you will not be using any of these items, it is in your best interest to shut them all off before you go. This way they will not be a danger risk while you are away and you will get the double perk of saving energy. 

Traveling and vacationing should be an activity that puts your mind at ease. While leaving everything you own at home can be anxiety inducing, there are quite a few easy measures you can take to ensure the best care possible for your house and home. These 6 simple steps to keep your home safe while traveling can bring a traveler peace of mind; enabling them to really enjoy their time away; secure in the knowledge that their home is safe. 

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Keep you home safe while traveling