If there is one thing I picked up on when looking for awesome stays in Guatemala, it is that hotels in Guatemala….are all about the view. In Antigua and surrounding areas the question becomes, from what location can I get the best view of Volcano Fuego? Ladies and gentlemen, I believe I have found a good one for you.

Located 8km outside of Antigua and 6000 feet into the mountains sits a property called the Earth Lodge. The Earth Lodge boasts eco-friendly stays in unique tree-houses on an avocado farm. Ok, that’s a mouthful so let me explain.

Over 10 years ago, a Canadian-American couple bought a blank space of land near to a village called El Hato, just outside of Antigua. At this point they built their very own home and started an avocado farm, because who doesn’t love a good guac. Fast forward just a few years and the couple began building the Earth Lodge, a unique option for stays in and around Antigua. Here you will have the opportunity to stay in comfortable tree houses, eat home cooked, healthy meals, and have the chance to disconnect from the digital world.  Relax, and as I said, enjoy the view.

Let me tell you more, porfavor.


It takes only 20 minutes to get to Earth Lodge from Antigua, which means if you would like, you could use it as a base for your stay in the city. For 30 Quetzals ($4 USD), the earth lodge will arrange a shuttle for you to traverse to and from the lodge to Antigua. The shuttle seems to run almost every 30 minutes, or at least when you ask. If you’re looking for a more tranquil stay, then you are already in the right place. Earth Lodge is the perfect place to wake up, find a comfy seat in front of the volcano, order food, drink coffee, and read a book. Do not forget about the custom built tree houses you will be staying in, with most offering breathtaking views of the countryside. Waking up at Earth Lodge is a treat every morning.

window view earth lodge


Getting there.


Earth Lodge grounds

We picked up the shuttle to Earth Lodge from Antigua at 4:00 in the afternoon. Twenty minutes later our ride dropped us off at the entrance sign to the Earth Lodge, only a casual 300m hike away, down a dirt path. Don’t worry, there are some stairs. Pro tip: wear good footwear. Carrying everything we owned, we carefully navigated our way down the…what seemed like forever…path to the lodge. Finally arriving at the lodge, we found the pleasant staff waiting for us at reception. Here they gave us the keys to our special treehouse, otherwise known as the ‘Deluxe Tree Cabin’. It was awesome. After giving us a short tour, directions, and explaining the dinner menu to us, we were free to explore the lodge on our own.


The Cabins.


Man they are cool, each one being unique in its own way! Following a beautiful mountainside path, we made our way to the ‘Deluxe Tree Cabin’. Our cabin was exactly what it was meant to be…a tree house! While this one was built on the ground, it definitely had a tree running through it, right out the roof, and high into the sky. Our cabin was two stories, with a double bed on each level, stairs running from A to B and a floor to ceiling window facing famed Volcano Fuego.  Waking up here every morning was phenomenal, because often in the morning the sky is clear enough to see Fuego erupt, and from a cozy bed, could the viewing be better?

the view from earth lodge


The Food. 


Earth Lodge is kind of an all in one type place. Upon arrival you will start a food and drink tab, and pay it whence you depart. In the morning, the staff will ask if you plan on staying for dinner, as they only make one meal per day, with vegetarian and vegan options of course. We ended up bonding with the chef and he gave us options to choose from for dinner. That’s right, I was briefly in control of the menu. How do you think we got creme brûlée french toast for desert? Dinners occur family style which in my eyes was great! It allowed me to get to know some of the other guests, form relationships, and overall enhanced my experience at Earth Lodge. Throughout the rest of the day, when ever you are hungry (breakfast, lunch), thirsty for coffee, or for the bar, all you needed to do was ask! Don’t forget about your tab though, just sayin’.


The Experience.


enjoying earth lodge breakfast

My experience at Earth Lodge was nothing short of pleasant. I loved waking up in the morning to views of Volcano Fuego. Every morning I would walk down to the main house, grab a coffee, pull out a comfy chair in front of the volcano, and spend hours watching it puff black smoke into the sky. I would spend my days reading in the sun, eating fresh fruit for breakfast and guacamole for lunch. The lodge offers a yoga class, has a sauna, a slackline, and a little movie room, but, with the view and the friends you make over he family dinners, the entertainment truly lies in the atmosphere.


Unique Stays earth lodge pin


-Earth Lodge was kind enough to host me in exchange for an honest review.- 

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