Hotel Isla de Flores

Flores is great, it really is. The town of Flores, well actually, the island of Flores very quickly became one of my favourite places in Guatemala. It is a town as well as an island located on the shores of massive Lake Peten Itza. It’s a colourful little town, with bright blue, green, yellow, and even pink colonial buildings lining the streets. It feels exactly like an island town should, as if you were walking down the Malecon of a coastal Mexican town or maybe even like the islands of Bocas del Toro in Panama. Flores encompasses this island vibe. The only difference….it’s a lake in the middle of the jungle.

standing in front of hotel isla de flores

So what…

So what about Flores is so wonderful? Outside of it’s chilled out island vibe, the streets of Isla de Flores are lined with wonderful bars, restaurants, hotels, shops, and artisanal marketplaces. It’s pretty small. It takes only 30 minutes to walk the circumference of the island and during this walk you are sure to find some outrageously delicious street food. Finally, safety is not an immediate concern on the island. While I always do caution travelers in foreign countries, and I beg you to be aware in Guatemala, the island of Flores is pretty safe, so don’t be afraid to experience the nightlife on the island or to go outside and explore. If this island sounds as good to you as it does to me, then you will without a doubt want to stay in the heart of it. So I have the perfect place for you. Hotel Isla del Flores , a luxury hotel built in a colonial style is ideally situated on the island with a heck of a pool view!

the hotel lobby at isla de flores

getting there…

Since the island is relatively small, the Hotel is pretty easy to locate. From the airport, you will have to take either a taxi or chicken bus to the town of Flores or the island if you can. Once you are in Flores you can take a tuk tuk across the bridge directly to the hotel (tuk tuks run until 7:00pm). The hotel is 2 blocks from the lake shore, and as I said before with this small island everything is only a 10 minute walk from anywhere.

the restaurant and bar at hotel isla de flores

the rooms…

The rooms in the Hotel Isla del Flores are delightful. They are well maintained, have comfortable white linens, an air conditioner (great for jungle life), and even a smart TV. The bathrooms are clean and have a perfect little vanity for getting ready for a night out! Once again, the hotel is beautifully decorated and feels like both an escape from the jungle air, as well as a home away from home.

hotel isla de flores rooftop pool

the food…

There is a restaurant attached to the Hotel as well as a separate bar! While these two are not connected by a tab or room number like some, the lobby connects directly to them both. I loved walking downstairs to the restaurant for breakfast every morning. The menu here was huge as were their portions. I was so fortunate that they had my favourite breakfast item on the menu…huevos rancheros. I visited the restaurant for lunch and dinner as well, each time sampling something new from their menu. I had one of their big lunch sandwiches as well as a pasta for dinner and was not disappointed. I stopped by the bar at night as well to catch a live acoustical band that is offered a few nights a week for your entertainment.

food at hotel isla de flores

the experience…

Outside of the restaurants, the rooms, the fresh cold water in the lobby, and pleasant sitting area, the greatest feature of this hotel is without a doubt, its rooftop pool. On the very top floor of the hotel is a beautiful patio with chairs perfect for sun tanning, a gorgeous pool, and an even better view. Hotel Isla de Flores is situated in the middle of the island which means the rooftop patio welcomes a 360 degree view of the island, Lake Peten Itza, and at the right time of day, the sunset. There is a phone at the rooftop pool which connects to the bar downstairs. All you need to need to do is pick it up, order your drink, and someone will bring it to you from the bar.  I spent every evening at the pool, relaxing, enjoying the view mixed with the warmth of the sun, and eventually the sunset before heading into town for dinner and a night out.

sunset at rooftop pool hotel isla de flores

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Hotel Isla de Flores was kind enough to host me in exchange for an honest review. 

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