Having the opportunity to visit a beautifully photogenic lavender field, inspired by the many popular images on instagram seemed far out of my reach until I was introduced to some of the most beautiful lavender fields in Ontario.

Every lavender field popping up around me appeared to be located in Europe, actually, France. All I wanted to do was frolic through lovey smelling fields of purple grass. Was that too much to ask for? Apparently not! I had no idea that there were such amazing lavender farms near Toronto until I was recently introduced to two in Norfolk County.

Frolicking through one of the best lavender fields in ontario canada

If you have the urge to relax, shop, drink cider and maybe even shoot some heavily instagrammable photos, you really should spend an afternoon at these wonderful lavender fields in Ontario.

Bonnieheath Estate Lavender and Winery

enjoying the lavender at bonnie heath estates lavender and wineryDriving into Bonnieheath Estate feels as if you have been transported to the French countryside…but you are actually in Norfolk County. It is the kind of place that has that certain ‘je ne said quoi’ about it. Bonnieheath Estate has that sophistication and that charm which makes you want to dress for Europe. Walking into the building, the first thing you notice is that it has that old world feel. This is a direct result from the current owners efforts to restore old details of the farm which can trace its origins to 1801. The flourishing vineyard along with the picturesque lavender fields, some of which are aesthetically placed in geometric patterns, create the perfect atmosphere for an afternoon jaunt and make this one of the prettiest lavender fields in Ontario.

drinking the hard cider at bonnie heath estate lavender and winery in norfolk county

Inside Bonnieheath, there is a wonderful lavender shop featuring things like soaps, essential oils, and infused cooking products all highlighting the farms own sweet lavender. In the bar, one can purchase bottles of wine from the winery itself, as well as some amazing hard ciders also produced right on the farm. 

All year round one can enjoy Bonnieheath’s hard apple cider. Seasonally however, they produce an absolutely enchanting blueberry hard cider. Drink in hand, head out to the wonderful patio, walk among the rows of lavender, or take your drink up to the balcony for a birds eye view of the one of the most instagrammable places and best lavender fields in Ontario. 

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the geometric lavender patterns of bonnie heath estate in waterford ontario

On top of everything, there are also environmental projects taking place on the farm. The growing of native grasses, the creation of ponds and wetlands as well as the cultivation of wildflowers are initiated to promote biodiversity. An initiative Norfolk County is taking to preserve and encourage its environmental biodiversity.

hanging around in lavender fields near toronto for instagram pictures

I had a fabulous experience visiting Bonnieheath Estate. Taking photos among rows and rows of beautiful purple lavender plants, all while holding a fresh glass of summery blueberry cider in my hand. Does it get any better? I think not. Walking by the industrial kitchen on site, I thought to myself…yeah…I would get married here. A visit to Bonnieheath Estates Lavender and Winery provides so much more than expected which is why it is one of the best lavender farms near Toronto to visit.

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Apple Hill Lavender 

enjoying beautiful apple hill estate lavender farm in ontario canada

Just down the road from Bonnieheath, Apple Hill Lavender exudes that ‘good vibes only’ lifestyle, making it one of the lavender farms near Toronto you will want to visit. First and foremost, the property is absolutely beautiful, with rolling hills of gorgeous purple lavender plants and brightly coloured lilies framed against a backdrop of a third generation apple orchard. 

standing in front of the apply his lavender lily patch in ontario

The owners of the farm, Jan and Harold Schooley, are the type of people you meet and think… I would love to come back and have a cup of tea with you guys…what I am trying to say here is…they are really cool. The comfort and coolness they exhibit in their personalities is prevalent in the vibe of their farm, making it an absolutely welcoming destination.  Apple Hill Lavender is one of the best lavender fields in Ontario because of the family friendly tone of the farm.

lavender fields in waterford ontario canada

One could easily visit the farm for an afternoon, frolic through the lavender fields and take lovely photos of this overwhelmingly picturesque Norfolk County location. In addition the owners will happily walk you through the process of farming lavender and even demonstrate a distillation which is really unique. Learning about agriculture through tourism has always been an interest of mine.

Inside the store you can find everything lavender. This store has something for everyone. The owner Jan has also teamed up with her award winning pottery making daughter to sell Raging Bowl Pottery from the farm.

best places to take instagram photos in lavender fields near toronto

Apple Hill Lavender is one of the best lavender fields in Ontario. The vibe of the farm makes it a location one could come to spend a day, relaxing, frolicking and appreciating the beauty of nature in Norfolk County and of course, Canada. 

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I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Norfolk County was home to some of the best lavender fields in Ontario and that I did not have to book my tickets to France just yet. Watch out instagram community. I cannot wait to show you the amazing photos I took in these beautiful lavender farms near Toronto! Want to see what it actually looks like to walk through lavender fields? Watch the video below!

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