Adventure travel in Ontario, something I never really considered to be a major option, especially around a giant metropolitan city like Toronto. That was until I stumbled upon Long Point Eco Adventures in Norfolk County, the epitome of adventure travel in Ontario.

When I started researching ‘adventurous things to do near Toronto’, I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was a destination that involved glamping in Ontario! I had always wanted to try glamping, I mean I had seen hundreds of photos on instagram, and I was finally presented with the chance. 

inside a glamping tent at Long Point Eco Adventures in Ontario

Located just outside of Toronto, one of the best cities in Ontario to live in, Long Point Eco Adventures introduces the idea of sustainable travel and combines it with adventure travel. While enjoying a luxury Sahara style tent, the resort offers a variety of adventurous activities including but not limited to kayaking, an eco-conscious mind set, and walkable access to an amazing winery. This is my type of traveling. I had heard of glamping in other parts of Canada, but to have this style of adventure travel in Ontario, my home province, was a pleasant surprise.

Long Point Eco Adventures: The Stay

The view of the turkey point marsh from long point eco adventures

The Property at Long Point Eco Adventures

The property at Long Point Eco Adventures is sprawling, well maintained, and carefully planned, taking serious consideration of the natural environment. There are a variety of ecological conscious efforts in place to help the resort function with a significantly reduced carbon footprint. This includes the use of rainwater in the main building which is carefully collected on the rooftop and used unfiltered. This eco-conscious mind set is one of the many details which make Long Point Eco Adventures one of the best places to go glamping in Ontario.

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The Marshview building, where breakfast is served, looks out upon the protected Long Point marsh, a vista I did not know existed in this part of Ontario.  The administration building and free standing observatory make their home next to the Marshview building. The zip-lining take off location and a food truck rounds out this small compound.  All around the resort fireplaces and muskoka chairs are strategically placed affording everyone a place to catch some chill time during both the day and the night.

long point eco adventures a placebo enjoy adventure travel in Ontario

 All of the buildings at the resort, from the glamping style wilderness suites to the unique pod rooms and the main structures are connected by carefully groomed pathways encircled by wooden fences. The property is surrounded by walking paths and bike paths as a result of the Eco Lodges connection with the Turkey Point Mountain Bike Club. When it comes to adventure travel in Ontario,  there are many places to explore in this area…my personal favourite path to explore led to the Burning Kiln Winery right next door. 

The Wilderness Suites: Glamping


The Wilderness Suites at Long Point Eco Adventures take their inspiration from the glamping Sahara tents, similar to the tents the owners came into contact with while on a trip to Kilimanjaro. The large canvas tents are enhanced by beautiful hard wood floors, comfortable beds, lovely furniture and in tent plumbing. It are these details that give glamping its luxurious title and make Long Point Eco Adventures one of the coolest things to do near Toronto.

outside a wilderness suite glamping in ontario at long point eco adventures

Each Wilderness Suite comes with its own private deck complete with muskoka chairs making for the perfect place to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning.  Inside the tent, you will find a comfortable bed with a duvet, stylish pillows and heated blankets (a camping game changer). There is a fridge in the tent as well and, more importantly, comfy house coats! One of the coolest details in the tents is the amazing outdoor shower. Unzip the back door and walk into an open skied heated shower. If you could only imagine showering under the stars. The Wilderness Suites are as luxurious as they are sound, making this adventure travel in Ontario just a little more relaxed.

The Pods 

camping pods at Long Point Eco Adventures in southern Ontario

The camping Pods are produced by the Algonquin Pod company and are super unique to the Long Point area. These cute little pods are tastefully decorated, closed in and have their very own decks including Muskoka chairs. Each pod has a bed inside. Some of the more luxury pods boast bathrooms as well. These are the most rustic of Long Point Eco Adventures accommodations  providing a cheaper option for glamping in Ontario.

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Long Point Eco Adventures: The Activities

adventure travel in ontario zip lining at long point eco


Zip-lining can be fun for the whole family, not overwhelmingly thrilling, but exciting enough to keep everyone having a good time and Long point Eco Adventures does a great job with this. As a result of our amazing guides, I had a fabulous experience. They were fun, outgoing, positive, and able to make everyone laugh for the entire 2.5 hour experience. The Long Point Eco Adventure zip line course has 8 full zip lines, the longest at 800meters, 2 suspension bridges and 1 forty foot rappel. If you are looking for adventurous things to do near Toronto, this is a great start!

The zip lines are strung through the canopy of the Canadian forest giving one a bird’s eye view of the area. You can enjoy the zip lines both during the day, and during the night with lights. It is really cool to fly through the sky in the dark. At $95.00 per adult, this is a great way to take on Adventure travel in Ontario.

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Kayak Down Big Creek

Kayaking down Big Creek in Long Point Ontario through long point eco adventures

The meandering waterway of Big Creek in Norfolk County is appropriately called the ‘Canadian Amazon’ as it winds its way through thick, green, Carolinian forests, marsh and wetlands. I have spent many weeks in the Amazon only to say, they are not wrong…it looks just like the Amazon but with less terrifying fish.  If you are looking for adventure travel in Ontario, then this 4 hour long kayak adventure is perfect!

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Kayak guides for big creek kayak adventures in Long point Ontario

The kayak journey moves with the current and so is more relaxing than overly active, meaning it is good for the whole family. As you kayak down the Big Creek you will be greeted with overhanging trees, thick bush and marshland. The guides Brian and Leanne are extremely passionate and knowledgeable about the area adding to the experience and aiding in the interest of the tour group. Offered about half way through the trip, the snack break included farm fresh strawberries and some of Leanne’s delicious cookie bars. At $100 per adult this an adventure to consider when searching for things to do near Toronto.

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Stargaze at the Observatory

The Long Point Observatory is one of Canada’s newest and biggest public astronomical observatories.  Located three stories high in one of the darkest points in Southern Ontario, the observatory has unobstructed views of the sky making for a fabulous experience. 

the observatory and main building at Long Point Eco adventures

The tour begins on the observation deck where a star guide points out the constellations and teaches how to map the sky. The second half of the tour takes place around the 16” Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope which is capable of seeing objects as far away as globular star clusters. While on the tour we saw Saturn, Jupiter, M13, and of course the moon. Having lived in San Pedro de Atacama in Chile, a stargazing capital, I have to recommend the stargazing tour at Long Point Eco Adventures. The tour costs $32/person and is an amazing experience especially  when partnered with glamping in Ontario.

Play with Bees on the Apiary Tour

getting close to bees at long point eco adventures apiary tours

Save the bees! A tour of bee keeping by Vanessa’s Bees is a pleasant surprise for anyone wishing to explore a new type of adventure travel in Ontario. On this tour, you dress up in bee keeper suits, head out to the hives, and open a hive to search for the Queen. All the while you learn about different types of bees, bee culture, and the process of making honey otherwise known as apiculture. 

holding a bee have at a tour of venessas bees at long point eco adventures

After you have seen the hives you head back to the Honey Shack where you have the opportunity to make and decorate awesome bees wax candles while enjoying different flavours of natural honey. It is an memorable experience to taste how the honey flavours vary as the bees take nectar from a variety of sources. I could just imagine the honey from some of the amazing lavender fields nearby!

Long Point Eco Adventures: The Food and Wine

in the winery at burning kiln in Long Point

Breakfast Time at Long Point Eco Adventures

Morning time at Long Point Eco Adventures begins with drinking a mug of delicious coffee while enjoying an amazing view of the marsh. A food truck parked beside the Marshview building cooks up for your enjoyment, thick cut bacon, eggs, pancakes, hash browns, and sausages which are available all morning. Coffee is served in two roasts , light and dark, and a variety of juices are available. If you care to enjoy meals like this, you should definitely save a little extra time to savour the Long Point Eco Adventure breakfast.

breakfast at the marsh view building at long point eco adventures

Food Truck’s at Long Point Eco Adventures

During the day, for lunch, snacks or even during dinner hour, the food truck parked beside the Marshview building cooks up a variety of delicious snacks. You will never have to fear hunger at Long Point Eco Adventures as food is always available. It is one of the best things about glamping in Ontario.

Burning Kiln Winery 

The Burning Kiln Winery is located across the road from Long Point Eco Adventures. It actually has its own pathway leading visitors directly there. Not only is this winery beautiful and fully licensed, making it legal to walk into the vineyard with wine in hand. While the look of the winery is distinctly upper class, the vibe feels relaxed, comfortable and casual. The outstanding staff are upbeat and family-like, making Burning Kiln Winery the type of place you would actually want to hang out. 

dancing through the vineyard at burning kiln winery in norfolk county

The wines, mostly dry, red, white and rosé are delicious and served with pride from the staff themselves. Drinking at the bar inside the winery is a beautiful location with a chill ambiance, but the patio is even more fantastic. Being Canadian, we chose to have our meal outside, to enjoy the fresh air and the heat of the summer.

comfort food and fancy wine at burning kiln winery in long point

As for food, did you know that the Burning Kiln Winery make the best Margarita pizza ever? They claimed it and they delivered. The food at Burning Kiln takes all of grandma’s recipes and raises them to the ever classy wine drinkers expectations. Simple fare such as pizzas crafted by the team, home cooked offerings like mac and cheese and thanksgiving sandwiches to name a few are  served with style.  The intent of this locale is to embrace adventure travel in Ontario, and Long Point Eco Adventures does it with style.

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Adventure Travel in Ontario: Long Point Eco Adventures

Long Point Eco Adventures is one of the coolest places I have been in the area and one of the top things to do near Toronto. The eco-friendly attitude, the experience of glamping in Ontario, and the many adventurous activities available, not to mention the amazing food and wine make it one of the best ways to experience adventure travel in Ontario. 

Loving the vibe of Long Point Eco Adventures? Watch the video to see what its like!


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